The Manicheans Trilogy

I’m currently in the process of writing a science-fiction/urban fantasy trilogy, The Manicheans. I’m editing Volume 1, The World of Pain, and would love to be done by the end of 2012 to be able to publish in 2013.

I’m pasting here a short synopsis to give you an idea.


My first series of novels is called “The Manicheans”. I finished a quasi-final draft of Volumes 1 & 2, “The World of Pain” and “The World of Death”. Volume 3, “The World of Salvation” still needs to be written.

By definition, manicheaism is a dualistic philosophy dividing the world between good and evil principles.

The Manicheans are people like you and me. They struggle through life, and want to understand their purpose. They battle, among others, between good and evil, love and hatred, light and darkness, life and death, religion and absence of religion. The story inherently narrates their quest toward salvation.

The Manicheans are influenced by a group of supernatural creatures called “Spirits”. The Spirits do not have any physical appearance. They’re floating atoms, who can manipulate water, air and fire. When they want to materialize themselves, they take over human bodies who are either dead or in a comatose state. Most importantly, they live forever, and solely feed from any type of emotional pain. The Spirits were flesh and blood once, but they lost their planet after it got burnt to the core by a cosmic ray shower. They barely managed to escape the burning planet by flying away in a spaceship that could travel at light speed; the ship, however, had not enough power to get out in time and got pulled by the planet’s centrifugal force, causing its proton reactor to explode and ultimately reduce its occupants to floating atoms.

After losing their home planet, the Spirits wandered through the universe and landed on Earth. They decided to hide in the clouds, in an effort not to disturb the human world below them. The head of the Spirits is Justice; his most trusted advisor is Darko. Azthul was the one supposed to know exactly when the cosmic ray shower would hit their planet. Azthul unfortunately miscalculated the hit and became Justice’s scapegoat. Justice decided to make an example out of Azthul by imprisoning him in a jail of water controlled by the Spirits.

Azthul was inherently good, but became evil after he realized that his peers turned on him. He managed to escape from his water prison and hid in New York City, where he started killing humans to feed from their emotional pain. The Spirits had to find him in order to prevent him from killing more, and destroying New York City, as Azthul grew more evil the more pain he fed from.

The trilogy is divided as such: Volume 1 focuses on Azthul’s thirst for revenge and ambition to destroy New York City, and introduces the Manicheans; Volume 2 addresses Justice’s trouble to maintain his powerful position, and the Manicheans’ struggle to save their planet as Earth is being threatened by a creature even more evil than Azthul; Volume 3 concludes the Manicheans’ quest for salvation and the Spirits’ fight for balance and order, as Darko ascends and becomes their new leader.

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